Want To Try Skydiving In Ottawa? Here Are Ottawa’s Tandem Skydiving Companies

Ready to make your first jump? Skydiving for the first time with an instructor is called Tandem Skydiving.

Lucky for you and your adrenaline, Ottawa has some great experts that are ready to provide this experience to you. Complete with instructors, up-to-date gear and a fleet of planes, here are Ottawa’s Skydiving companies.

GO Skydive

Just across the pond in Gatineau, you’ll find GO Skydive. This team of skydiving instructors have seen over 134,000 jumps to date. You’ll get a great view of the Gatineau Hills and the Ottawa River here. GO Skydive also offers picture and video packages – they will take your photo, have your instructor filming you, or you can even opt to have two different cameras filming your adrenaline-filled jump for an ultimate video compilation.

Parachute Ottawa

Parachute Ottawa is just 45 minutes outside of the city in Arnprior. While they specialize in first jumps, the company has a background in military training as well, and they offer years of expertise in both. Jumping with Parachute Ottawa will provide amazing views of the Ottawa Valley.

Skydiving – Things To Know

As a first time skydiver, you’ll be doing a Tandem Skydive, which means your strapped in with an expert whose job it is to make sure you reach the bottom safely.

Once your plane reaches the right altitude, you and your skydiving partner that you’re strapped to will jump out of the plane and begin free falling ( a cool and totally terrifying experience). This will probably last for less than 60 seconds. Then, you’re partner will pull the parachute and guide you to the ground where you’ll lift your feet upon landing to allow them to land safely.

Most of the work is done by the expert – meaning it’s not physically difficult for you at all. In fact, you’re only real job is to enjoy it!

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