The Best Donuts In Ottawa – Here’s Where

Donuts (or Doughnuts) as we know them were brought over by Dutch settlers who landed in New York (then called New Amsterdam) but, it wouldn’t be until the 19th Century when a teenager in Maine, Hanson Crockett, punched a hole in the then solid sugary dough rounds to create the modern-day dessert.

If you’re looking for a great donut in Ottawa, you won’t have to look far. Ottawa is home to more than one bakery that specializes in donuts (known as a donut shop, if you will). Here’s a list of the best donuts in Ottawa, Gatineau, and Kanata.

SuzyQ Donuts

One of Ottawa’s most popular donut shops is SuzyQ; and not only because of the catchy name. SuzyQ donuts are eye-catching and interesting, if not down-right daring flavour combinations, like their maple-bacon donut, and The Blue Majik Bubblegum Fantasy, to name a few.

But, they’re not all glitz and glam… SuzyQ Donuts were made famous for perfecting the classics, too, like Vanilla Dip, Hazeldean Crunch, and Tiramisu.

All of their donuts are made from scratch, and the popular brand has three locations: one in Hintonburg (their original shop), one on St. Laurent, and a new location on Robertson Road.

SuzyQ has made a name for themselves for their tasty and thrilling donuts, and proud to call themselves the first donut shop in Ottawa.

More info on locations, hours, and monthly flavours can be found on their website.

Maverick’s Donuts

Maverick’s is another long-standing donut brand in Ottawa, and their selection is perfect for the traditionalists who desire quality, freshly-baked cake donuts made daily.

They are a locally-owned and family run business with an incredible menu of mouth-watering flavours, like Lemon Ricotta, Honey Dip, Chocolate Glaze, Cinnamon Swirl, Oreo Nirvana, and even their famous Apple Fritter. If you have a hankering for classic donuts that are fresh, authentic, and high-quality, this is your best one-stop-donut shop.

Maverick’s has four locations – donut shops in the Byward Market, on Bank Street, in Westboro and in Stittsville, just west of Ottawa.

Mimi’s Donut & Dairy Barn

Another local gem just on the outskirts of Ottawa in Manotick is Mimi’s Donut & Dairy Bar. Mimi’s bakes fresh donuts daily in a variety of outstanding flavours, like Cinnamon Sugar, Chocolate Dip, Chocolate Cheesecake, Cake Batter, and the list goes on. Her complete selection of donut flavours changes from season to season.

Mimi’s is a great spot to get fresh, just-out-of-the-oven donuts, ready to go. She only needs pre-orders for orders of 2 dozen or more.

Mimi’s Donuts in Manotick, some of Ottawa’s best donuts

Donuts – A Look At Our Favourites

Can’t decide on donuts? Here’s a look at our favourite flavours from the shops above.

Pumpkin Pie Donut

A fall favourite, Maverick’s pumpkin pie donut is equally as decadent as it is festive. We love the pie crust crumble and creamy glaze on top of pumpkin icing.

Grape Glazed Doughnut

This SuzyQ donut makes the list on account of its uniqueness and extra-ordinary colouring.

Strawberries & Cream Donut

Maverick’s is known for their ultra-rare flavours, and the Strawberries & Cream donut is no exception. We love this addition to their roster – it’s a perfect valentine’s day donut or summer afternoon treat.

Birthday Donuts

Anyone for birthday donuts? These “Happy Birthday” shaped assorted donuts would make my birthday anyday. Available for order at SuzyQ

Pecan Pie Donut

Did some say Pecan Pie? Or Donut? Or Both? Maverick’s signature Pecan Pie Donut is a complete show stopper. We love the actual pecans sprinkled on top with chocolate drizzle.

Donuts – Costs and Options

How much do donuts cost in Ottawa? It depends on the amount and the size of the donuts you’re looking for. You should expect to pay anywhere from $1 – $4.50 for a single donut, and around $16.95 – $35.99 for a dozen.

Maverick’s DonutsCosts & Options

Maverick’s Donuts in Ottawa offers a dozen donuts for $22.95 and sells single donuts for $2.95. For large or custom donut orders, they require a minimum of 48 hours notice.

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