3 Nail Salons In Brockville: Where To Go For Your Monthly Manicure, Acrylic Nails, and More

Getting your nails done is a great way to spend an afternoon, alone or with friends. It’s also essential for special occasions, like weddings and proms. It’s great to leave with your nails looking and feeling awesome, but just as important is the experience you have while your at the salon.

A great nail salon offers professional and friendly service that makes you feel right at home for your entire stay. And, comfort is key: the atmosphere, aesthetic, and appeal of the salon has to be expertly crafted.

Brockville is home to some amazing nail salons that double as a day at the spa. Here are the best 3 Nail Salons and Nail Spas in Brockville Ontario to book in at for your monthly manicure.

Heavenly Touch Spa

Heavenly Touch Spa is a top choice for manicures and pedicures in Brockville. Heavenly Touch is an organic wellness spa, so they offer massages, facials, makeovers, hair services, and of course nail services all with organic and natural products. Their spa offers a tranquil and relaxing environment, complete with a nail and pedicure room that is centered around relaxation. It’s the perfect place for a luxurious pampering with friends or by yourself.

Heavenly touch specializes in manicures and pedicures as spa treatments, so they don’t do acrylics or nail art. All of their manicures come with a therapeutic neck wrap, exfoliation, aromatherapy, and arm massage. You can choose from a range of mani and pedis, including the Honey & Milk Pedicure or the Lavender Pedicure, all of which offer you a chance to sip on herbal teas or wine and sample chocolate while you relax and enjoy them.

Brockville Nail Salon Manicure Brockville: Heavenly Touch Spa via @jennyleehumble

Genev Beauty

Genev is a hair and beauty salon that specializes in Bio Gel and Fibreglass Manicures and Pedicures. This salon has an inviting atmosphere and loves to explore new styles and beauty trends, including the Fibreglass Manicure (an artificial nail technique that is less damaging and less rigid than acrylic nails).

Genev is a great spot for prom or grad nails, bridal parties, and more. Here are some photos of their work, via their instagram.

Brockville Manicure: Via Genev Beauty
Brockville Nail Salon: Genev Beauty

Shanghai Nails and Spa

Shanghai Nail Spa is a great spot for manicures, pedicures, and Nail Art in Brockville’s Downtown. They offer affordable and professional nail services and a wide range of products and colours. They are one of the best places to go for creative acrylics, nail art designs, and colourful nails. Take a look at some of their work below, via their facebook page.

Acrylic Nails Brockville: Shanghai Nail Salon

Love the colour and accent nail on these nails.

Pedicures at Shanghai Nails and Spa Brockville
Fashion Couture Nails Brockville

Amazing acrylic nails, love the sparkle details.

Brockville Nail Salons: Costs, Tips, & Helpful Information

How much does it cost to get your nails done in Brockville? Of course, the cost varies from salon to salon. Higher end salons and spas will charge a bit more for their service because they offer a luxury atmosphere with better amenities. But, it should be noted that this is not an indication of the quality or cleanliness of their service.

Regular manicures and pedicures in Brockville will start at about $15, and can go up to around $50, depending on the full extent of the service. If you are using enhanced polishes, like BioGel, the service can cost anywhere from $25 to $60.

Artificial nails in Brockville will start at about $20 (Shellac Nails in Brockville) or $30 (Acrylic Nails in Brockville).

Pedicures in Brockville start at about $15 and can go up to $60 for luxury treatments that include massage, aromatherapy, and more.

A row of pedicure chairs looking towards the front of a shop. Background blurry.

Brockville Nail Salon Etiquette: Tipping

Tipping is expected for salon services in Brockville, just like servers. The standard is about 15 – 20%, with 20% indicating great or exceptional service. A tip on tipping: use cash to tip if you can (post-pandemic restrictions) and pay for the actual service before you begin. This prevents possible chipping and smudging of your nails by using the machine right after your nails are done (been there, done that!). So come with some cash in anticipation of tipping.

Common Questions and Concerns

Nail Shapes

Along with choosing the colour and type of nail you want (your technician will be able to guide you on the options, upkeep, and costs associated with each) you’ll be able to choose a nail shape. This especially applies to acrylic and dip nails, and will apply to natural nails if they are long enough. Below is a guide to common nail shapes.

Acrylic Nail Brockville

Showing Up With Nails Done

Nail technicians don’t mind if you show up with some old polish already on your nails. In fact, it is expected for regular clients who use non-ship products like Bio Gel. But, if you have full shellac or acrylic nails, there is a fee for removal. Whatever you do, don’t pick away your old polish before coming in! This can severely damage your nails and rip away the top layer.

Pedicure Problems

Technicians have seen it all when it comes to feet. Don’t stress about shaving beforehand or clipping your nails. They would prefer if you came in with your toenails a bit grown out, because they can properly trim them. According to salon gurus, post people don’t properly trim their toenails.

Technicians (pedicurists) are trained on where to touch your feet to minimize ticklishness, it’s true! So don’t worry about your ticklish feet. They won’t be a problem. And, if you do experience some discomfort (in the way of tickles), make sure to let your technician know, and they can be extra careful in making sure to hit the least ticklish points on your feet.

Salon Etiquette: What Not To Do

There’s only a few things that are poor etiquette when it comes to getting your nails done.

Nail Salon Brockville

Talking On Your Cellphone

People come to the salon to relax. While chatter between technicians and friends is totally expected, talking on your cell phone while others are also getting their nails done is a huge pet peeve for nail technicians.

Changing Colours

There is nothing wrong with changing your mind on the colour you want after seeing it applied, but don’t wait till all nails have been painted to do so. Technicians don’t mind if you make a change, but again, let them know after one or two nails are done.

Making Appointments

A really great practice (for you) is to make your next appointment before you leave. A lot of salons fill up fast, but love regulars, and hate having to ‘squeeze people in’. They want your trip to the salon to be relaxing and worry free. So, it’s good practice to book in early.

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