3 Salons in Ottawa That Specialize in Facial Waxing

Here’s where to go for Facial Waxing Ottawa. Whether it’s your first for thirtieth time with facial waxing, these salons specialize in waxing for eyebrows, foreheads, ears, nostrils, lips, chins, and everywhere in between. They also offer a high-quality, relaxing, and superb experience for your Facial Waxing Ottawa.

eyebrow waxing ottawa

Facial waxing is a great hair removal option for anyone wanting a longer-term solution than shaving. Waxing can offer great results that last over 3 weeks and up to 4 weeks, and can help make your skin smoother, slow the rate of hair growth and hair density, and improve self esteem.

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Facial waxing spas in Ottawa offer an extensive range of waxing services, for everywhere hair grows on your face! This includes your neck, ears, nose, lip, and more.

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But, facial waxing requires proper tools, techniques, and attention. Here are 3 Salons in Ottawa that specialize in facial waxing.

Hot Tip: When it comes to facial waxing, it’s all about cleanliness. If you go to a salon and find them double dipping their waxing stick (looks like a popsicle stick) in a pot that is used for multiple people, not just you, then opt out of the service. It’s okay to say you changed your mind!

With that tip in mind, here’s 3 top-rated salons for facial waxes.

Luxe Spa

Luxe is a sugaring and waxing spa near Ottawa’s Wellington West that offers a full range of facial waxing services, including full facial waxing, lip waxing, chin waxing, and eyebrow waxing.

They specialize in waxes (and sugaring), and provide a tranquil and relaxing environment that is welcoming, professional, and efficient. They also have a full list of spa policies to help ensure the best experience possible (no cell phones, pets, etc).

Luxe’s standard booking time is 1-2 weeks in advance, as their staff fill up their appointments very quickly!

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Facial Waxing Ottawa: Luxe Spa Staff via luxespa.ca

Nova Wax Bar

Nova Wax Bar on Preston is one of the best spots for facial waxes in Ottawa, because they are completely dedicated to waxing. They are committed to showing you why waxing is ultimately better than shaving in every way. Business owner Brenna is an experienced esthetician from Nova Scotia, who has created a unique, relaxing, quality waxing experience that is competitively priced. They offer a service for almost anywhere on your face!

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Facial Wax Ottawa: Nova Wax Bar via novawaxbar.ca

Nova Wax Bar also offers 15% off all waxing services on Tuesdays!

Flirt Wax Bar

Flirt Wax Bar is an up-beat, home-based studio owned by Ottawa wax guru Ashley, an Ottawa spa veteran with over 9 years of experience and a passion for waxing. Ashley created her business because she wanted Ottawa to have a destination that was dedicated to waxing.

Ashley loves meeting new clients and making them feel comfortable in her home-based studio near Pinecrest. She specializes in nails and skin, and eyebrow waxes!

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Eyebrow Waxing Ottawa: Flirt Wax Bar via instagram

Face Waxing Ottawa: Costs and Etiquette

Facial Wax Ottawa Costs

How much does facial waxing in Ottawa cost? To answer that, we first need to introduce you to the many types of waxing there are!

Waxing Terms You Should Know:

*Note that these terms are used generally, and services may differ from spa to spa. Always check service descriptions or ask businesses to be sure!

Upper Lip Waxing Ottawa: Removes any hairs in your ‘mustache’ zone, just above the lip. Typically costs $15 – $30.

Ear Waxing Ottawa: Removes ear hairs, and typically costs $15 – $25.

Chin Waxing Ottawa: Removes unwanted chin hair, and typically costs $10 – $20.

Nose Waxing Ottawa: Removes those pesky nostril hairs, and typically costs $10 – $20.

Facial Waxing Ottawa: Helpful Tips for Pre and Post Wax

If this is your first time getting a facial wax service, here’s what you need to know for planning and preparing for your appointment.

A good idea is to take an Advil before your appointment. This won’t just help with the pain, it will also combat your body’s natural inflammatory reaction to the waxing, helping to reduce redness and swelling.

Exfoliating will also help prevent an unwanted ingrown hairs: exfoliate the evening or morning before your appointment for best results.

If you are new to waxing, the bad news is that the first time is usually the most painful. The good news? The first time is usually the most painful. After that, the pain will decrease with each appointment. Waxing veterans hardly bat an eye!

Facial Waxing & Hair Growth

There is a common myth that waxing hair will make it grow back faster, darker, and thicker. The good news is that waxing won’t affect that thickness or growth rate of your hair. Instead, it will help to remove the root of the hair, and this will prevent the hair from growing back faster, giving you more time between hair being noticeable.

Another myth is that body hair is unhygienic. This is also a misconception. There is nothing wrong with body hair or facial hair. Despite what media may portray, facial hair is very common among females. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, and more and more women are flaunting it freely and unashamedly. However, unattended to hair that grows longer is sometimes accompanied with other unhygenic habits, which has given it a bad rap.

Facial Waxing, Does it Hurt?

Generally speaking, facial waxing doesn’t hurt. The most sensitive areas on your face will be your nostrils, your ears, your upper lips, and your eyebrows. But as mentioned above, this usually gets better with time and is nothing to fear. Waxing specialists are experts at making your experience as painless as possible. It’s also recommended to take an advil before your appointment. This will help with pain, but will also reduce redness and swelling as advil is an anti inflammatory. Exfoliation will also help to reduce ingrown hairs, which, if left untreated can become painful. Exfoliation is recommended a few hairs before treatment, so a good idea is to exfoliate the night before or morning of your appointment.

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