3 of the Best Date Spots in Kanata

Looking for good dinner date spots in Kanata? Whether it’s a first date, or a date for a long-since married couple, going for dinner is a great way to spark a flame or kindle a romance. Location is key – atmosphere, menu, wine list… all of these factors go into making a date night fun and relaxing, or not.

Ottawa’s west end, Kanata, has some great spots for romantic dinner dates. These restaurants aren’t too fancy, they keep it casual, but the ambience is nice, the food is even better, the prices are fair, and the wine is lovely.

Here are 3 of the best spots to go on a date (first or fiftieth). In Kanata, Ontario.


Fratelli is one of Kanata’s best Italian restaurants that is both contemporary and modern, yet cozy and elegant. For a date, you will absolutely love the atmosphere in this charming and rustic spot. At the back of the restaurant is the open kitchen, where you can watch them prepare their pizzas fresh in a large wood over. On the left wall, is a floor-to-ceiling wine shelve with a sliding ladder. The atmosphere is fun, relaxing, but still upscale. It’s a great place for a night out.

The menu stands on its own two feet, too. Wine lovers will love Fratelli for its great selection of vino. They are also known for their pasta dishes: large bowls of to-die-for items like the Fettuccini Sila, which has mixed mushrooms and parma prosciutto in a porcini cream sauce.

Their daily specials are always great and seasonal, and prices are fair., making Fratelli one of our top choices for date spots in Kanata.


Cabotto’s is one of best spots for a romantic evening, and the fanciest spot on our list. Cabotto’s specializes in authentic Italian cuisine, so no pizza here. Instead, it’s all traditional, high-end Italian dishes of seafood, meats, and pastas.

What makes Cabotto’s such an incredible date experience (besides the amazing and rich cuisine) is the atmosphere. The restaurant is in a modernized 1800’s heritage home, brought into the 21st century with amazing and elegant decor. Its a truly unique and thoroughly romantic spot, with white table clothes, and Italian wine list, and romantic Italian music.

For anyone looking to impress or woo their date with some romance, Cabotto’s is one of the best spots for this in Kanata.


Moxie’s Kanata is a top choice for a fun yet stylish date. This is a popular spot in town, with a bustling lounge/ bar area and a more intimate dining area. Moxie’s has an awesome, modern menu and drink selection, fun servers, and a great atmosphere. Their prices are fair, and as mentioned, food is great. You can’t go wrong with Moxie’s: it’s a night spot, but is still relaxed and casual.

To further sell this hotspot as one of the best Date Spots in Kanata, consider this: it’s right next to the Movie Theater in Kanata. Dinner & a movie, anyone?

Dinner Date Tips: Here’s How To Have A Stress Free Date

If you’re planning a first date, here are some tips for calming nerves, coming across well, and enjoying yourself!

Relax When Eating

A lot of people are naturally a bit nervous on a first date with someone, and for some reason, eating becomes a challenge. The thing is, eating normally is a total sign of confidence, and can help your date feel more relaxed, too. Nothing is worse than not eating on your date.

If you’re just a naturally nervous eater on first dates, the best thing you can do is be mindful when ordering. Handhelds like burgers and sandwiches aren’t a great option, and neither are slurpy things like soup or muscles. Steak Frites (steak & fries) is a great choice for eating because steak can be cut and fries are super simple. So is fish & chips. Other foods to avoid are pasta (sorry!) and oddly enough, salad. Again, this is only if you’re a nervous eater. If you don’t have a problem with nerves, congrats! And order whatever you’d like!

Consider The Menu Before Picking The Restaurant

You can score some brownie points by asking your date if they have any dietary restrictions, and making sure the restaurant you choose has the appropriate menu. The good news is, most restaurants (and definitely the ones above) have vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and peanut free options. But it is always best to check or call ahead.

Always Be Nice To Servers

A huge mistake some first-daters make, in a misguided effort to seem cool, important, or some other superior quality, is being rude or dismissive to waiters. This is a major mistake, and NEVER works to impress your date. You instead just seem rude, and raise a major red flag to your date. Always be nice to servers – it’s a huge indication of your true personality.

Don’t Order The Most Expensive Thing on the Menu

Dates are supposed to be relaxing, so don’t go over the top when ordering. Always go middle of the road (if you cheap out, it could be insulting).

Always, Always, Always, ALWAYS Make a Reservation

Don’t just show up to a restaurant. Make a reservation! It shows thoughtfulness, but also avoids you running the risk of not getting a table, which is a huge buzzkill on a date.

Eat Slow

Maybe you are a naturally fast eater, or maybe you just get nervous and wolf down your food. Either way, finishing your meal super fast can put your date on edge, make it seem like you can’t wait to get out of there, and also keep your mouth super full (which prevents you from talking). So for those fast eaters out there, slow down! A great trick is taking a sip of water after every bite. Hopefully, the conversation is enough to keep you entertained and chatting, so that you don’t have as much time to eat.

Always Order Dessert

Last but not least, always order dessert at the end (if, of course, the date is going well). It’s a sign that, for reasons just mentioned, you are enjoying the date. It’s also romantic, and a good course to split. Go for chocolate, because it’s a classic and is proven to give a rush of endorphins, which is a feel good chemical that helps with bonding.

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