The 3 Best Patios In Kanata: Where To Go

Kanata patios are a great way to enjoy summer days or evenings with friends, business partners, or lovers. A good patio will combine a great atmosphere with even better service and food. Luckily, Kanata is home to a few places that walk this line with ease. Here are the best spots to go for a great patio experience in Kanata, Ontario.

Moxies Kanata

Moxies is a popular restaurant franchise (that started in Ontario), and Kanata’s location is probably one of the most popular. It’s a hotspot in the summer for business professionals, dates, and friend groups to gather in Kanata Centrum. The patio has some great seating options, is well lit, and comes with great service. It’s also super close to Kanata’s movie theatre, for anyone looking to do dinner and a movie. Because it’s so close the Canadian Tire Centre, it’s also a top choice for concert-goers at the Canadian Tire Centre, both before and after the concert.

Moxies is an A-1 spot for appetizers and drinks. Their wine list is top-tier, and so are their house specials (like Peach Bellinis and Hard Lemonades) when there, make sure you take a look at their summer drink list.

Because Moxies is such a popular spot in Kanata, calling ahead for a reservation is a great idea.

3 Brewers

3 Brewers is a patio made for beer lovers. This Micro Brewery is a sprawling two-story location in the heart of Kanata Centrum. That’s right, a two-story patio, amid a brewery. For large groups, the restaurant also has some private sections available for booking.

Food is casual but great, and their wide selection of beer makes this a top choice and bustling location on Kanata’s summer nights. It’s also super close to the Movie Theatre, Centrum shopping, and to the Canadian Tire Centre, which means this patio is bustling with beer lovers on concert nights.

Via 3Brewers Website

The Cheshire Cat

If you’re looking for a popular patio that is out of downtown, then The Cheshire Cat is right up your alley.

This British pub combines the new and old: their charming stone building and patio is quaint yet fun, and their menu combines classic British pub fare with modern farm-to-fork twists. The same goes for their drink menu: British staples are offered alongside creative craft ales. Their Whisky Collection is also reknowned in Kanata. The service is friendly and fun, and live music can be heard on select nights. It’s a great spot that is a bit quieter than downtown options.

Patio Etiquette: Tips & Tricks

Here’s how to make your Kanata Patio experience the best it can be.

Call For Reservations

A lot of patios don’t take reservations, but it doesn’t hurt to call. Even if they don’t do reservations, the hostess may be able to give you insight into the length of the line/ wait times, or when the best time to come to max out your chances of getting a seat.

Always Wait To Be Seated

Patio tables need to be bussed, cleaned, and noted by the hostess. You should always wait to be seated, and not just to make your hostess’ life easier: but because it will actually help you, too. Hostesses seat people according to server sections, so if you seat yourself in a section with no server, or with a server whose section is full, you may find yourself waiting a long time for service.

Don’t Take The Available Seat

If their is a line for the patio, you may notice some spots are free despite the wait. The are most often sun spots: tables with no shade and a gruelling amount of sun, which makes the whole experience unenjoyable due to the extreme heat. Don’t take the free table.

It’s also a good idea to note the sun exposure at the table you do get seated at. If for any reason you feel you won’t be comfortable at the table, ask to switch before your server gets started.

Operate A Two Tiered Clothing System

Because weather can be extremely unpredictable, it’s always a good idea to have a removable sweater with you. If you only have a t-shirt or only have a sweater, you may end up being too hot or too cold, with no way to reconcile.

Always bring sunglasses and a hat, too, because you may not always be in the shade.

Avoid Sugary Drinks

Summer drink menus are usually loaded with sugary drinks, like Margaritas, Bellinis, and Lemonades… be wary of choosing these. Sitting in the sun will already dehydrate you, and sugary drinks (with alcohol) will fast track that process. Keep to your normal favourites, and make sure your staying hydrated. Being dehydrated can make you irritable, give you a headache, and even make you feel sick, all not what you want while your trying to enjoy your day on the patio.

Avoid Sugar Altogether

Another reason to avoid having too much sugary stuff on your table is because it attracts bees, wasps, ants, and all other types of insects. This includes those sugary drinks. Keep your level of insect-attraction as low as possible by avoiding sugary drinks, desserts, and plates.

Ask The Server For Their Recommendations

Summer menus are constantly changing, so when in doubt, always ask the server for their recommendations. They’ll have the drink specials and food specials top of mind, and can guide your decision for the best meals, drinks, sharables, and deals to make your patio experience that much better.

Bring Sunscreen

We almost forgot to mention…make sure to cover up! Apply some sunscreen, even if you plan on sitting in the shade. The last thing you want is to have to cut your patio time short because your getting a burn. It’s also a good idea to bring a light shirt or sweater to cover up, even on hot days, to protect your shoulders.


Another already mentioned idea, but we want to double back. Hot weather will make you thirsty, but people have a tendency to overconsume alchohol while on patios because their reaching for a beer when they should be reaching for water. Combine that with the heat, and its all too common for people to suffer from sun stroke, dehydration, or alc. poisoning whilst spending time on the patio. So make sure to pace yourself and always have water while drinking.

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