Is Your Barbecue Broken? These Are The Barbecue And Patio Heater Repair Companies In Ottawa That Will Come To You

When it’s nice out, you don’t want to be stuck with a broken barbecue. Not only are they frustrating to fix, but they’re definitely hard to move, too.

It’s a law in Ontario that only licensed gas technicians should be working on barbecues; these companies are teams of licensed technicians that specialize in barbecue repair at your door.

The Grill Smith

The Grill Smith is a team of licensed Ottawa gas technicians that have served the Ottawa Area for over 30 years. They can fix any barbecue, fireplace or patio heater. They can also help in assembly or cleaning if needed. They’re experts on tune-ups and repairs, and of course, will come to you anywhere in Ottawa!

Barbecue Rescue

Barbecue Rescue is a full-service barbecue repair and cleaning company that have worked all across Ottawa – including on Sussex Ave. They don’t use harsh chemicals to clean barbecues, and bring 15 years of experience to the job.

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