Looking For A Cool Bar In Ottawa? These Local Bars Are Unique To The City

If you’re visiting Ottawa and looking to have drinks somewhere authentic to the city, here’s some of the best places to go.

Heart and Crown

Heart and Crown is a lively chain of pubs that are based in Ottawa. Their Byward Market location is a popular spot downtown, and a great place to sit and experience the market over drinks, pub grub and live music.

Rabbit Hole

Looking for a great cocktail bar that’s brimming with ‘cool’ vibes? Rabbit Hole is your best bet in Ottawa. It’s almost like a speakeasy; the main floor of Rabbit Hole is centred around a beautiful, well-lit bar, and given the size of the place you might begin to think you’ve found a hidden, quiet, gem. But take a walk down stairs and you’ll quickly realize that Rabbit Hole is exactly what it claims to be: a rabbit hole to one of Ottawa’s most popular bars. You can choose to stay up top or have a more social experience downstairs. Either way, this is a great spot for a unique experience.


Looking to experience Sussex? Social is a great spot for some sophisticated and stylish lounging downtown. Its expertly paired wine and food menus are an absolute dream, making this modern and comfortable lounge a great spot to be for any cocktail hour.

The Albion Rooms

Coming back from shopping at the Rideau Centre or from touring Parliament? The Albion Rooms is our suggestion. This cozy spot is a great cocktail bar, with menu items that are locally inspired with a hint of Ottawa’s heritage throughout. The bar itself has deep roots in Ottawa – so the story, food and atmosphere really will deliver an authentic Bytown experience for visitors.

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