These Ottawa Hair Salons and Colourists Specialize In Blondes

Looking for a hairstylist that understands you and your blonde locks is so key. Being able to perform this kind of sorcery all while preventing as much damage as possible to blonde hair’s naturally thinner hair structure is a dance that not everyone can do. Here are some of Ottawa’s amazing stylists who work with blondes on the daily.

Kara – Glow Hair Studio

Kara is a blonde guru who co-owns Glow Hair Salon on Metcalfe. She is a blonde specialist and a balayage specialist. Her instagram page is decked out with her work; all types of blondes, blonde balayages and colour combos. She works with lots of blondes and has great reviews on her social.

Ottawa Hair Salons For BlondesSpahara

The team at Spahara in Kanata do colour and style so well, but their instagram really shows just how beautifully they do warm and beachy blondes. They do a ton of other spa services, too, so it’s a great spot to have an afternoon to pamper yourself and restore your blonde brilliance.

Ottawa Hair Salons For BlondesLeslie Armstrong – Jet Black Hair & Studio

Leslie Armstrong is a colour expert from Jet Black Hair & Studio. Don’t let the name fool you, Jet Black is the perfect salon to try out your edgy platinum or colour combo idea, or to keep it natural with blonde highlights. Leslie’s instagram has some amazing examples of the high-fashion inspired colours she’s created, as well as many beautiful blondies.

Ottawa Hair Salons For Blondes – Fernandino

Fernandino is incredible at taking exhausted old colour and transforming it into something fresh, new and clean. They also do fusion extensions, so if you’re looking to invest in breathing new life into your look, this is the spot.

Fernandino is one of the higher end salons in the city, and they offer an amazing boutique experience. They have three locations; one in the Rideau Centre, one on Somerset and one in Bayshore Shopping Centre.

Blondes – What To Know

Ready To Book Your Appointment? Here’s what you’ll need to know:

Highlights, Full Colour, Ombre? What are the differences?

Your stylist can help you to decide what option is best for you, but it’s good to know some of the key differences between options for colouring your hair, so you can help your stylist to understand what you really want.

Full Colour Blonde

Full Colour, or ‘Single Process Colouring’ is when you dye your hair one solid colour, coating every single strand in dye. This method creates a uniform look to your colour.

The pros of single process blonde is that your colour is incredibly vibrant. If you’re looking for something bold, like platinum blonde, you’ll want to go for single process.

The trouble with single process for blondes is that it’s very hard on your hair. Every single strand is being lifted and bleached. It’s also a uniform colour, so you’ll show your roots very quickly and will require much more upkeep and touch ups (which may get expensive) to keep the look fresh. Single process colour doesn’t grow in as well as other options. So if you’re thinking about this option, you’ll want to talk to your colourist to fully understand the costs, commitment, and upkeep required to keep the look.

Blonde Highlights

When you highlight your hair, you’re colourist will dye strands of your hair blonde and leave others (or lowlight others) to mimic the sun’s natural way of highlighting. The density of highlights can vary and will change the look dramatically.

You can achieve a full blonde look with highlights in a way that looks much more natural, grows in much better (allowing longer periods of time between your next salon appointment) and is less harsh on your hair. Most blondes you see today go with highlights instead of full colour. To create an even more multi-dimensional and natural look, your colourist can do blended highlights.

When you think of highlights, don’t think chunky strands that stick out like a sore thumb. Highlighting will completely change your colour, and is extremely common with most of the glowing blondes you see today.

To help your hair, your colourist can start you off with full highlights, and flip between full and partial for your upkeep. This means that ever other appointment, your stylist will colour only the outer layer of your hair, leaving the unseen untouched so that they can grow out. It also saves you money!

Check out this video to see the differences between highlighting and shading techniques Balyage, Ombre and Sombre. For these techniques, your stylist will apply highlights to certain sections of your hair to create a sweeping colour that starts with your natural colour on the top and sun kissed blond on the bottom.

Shades Of Blonde – Some Inspiration

Not sure what shade you want to go? Here’s some of our favourites for inspiration!

Ash Blonde

Ashy blonde is a cool, smokey tone that has a grey-like tint similar to ash. It gives blondes a silver white blonde look.

White Blonde

Loving that platinum blonde look? Go for white blonde highlights! It’s the perfect way to try out and achieve the bold platinum blonde without full-colour commitment. White Blonde highlights will grow in much better.

Champagne Blonde

A new trend is champagne blonde – it’s a buttery blonde that is just the right mix of warm and cool.

Sandy Blonde

So in love with sandy blonde for brunettes who are looking for a great muti dimensial, ombre/balyage shade.

Hair Salons For Blondes In Ottawa
Ottawa Hair Salons For Blondes

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