Want To Try Spin Classes In Ottawa? Here Are Ottawa’s Spin Studios

You’re tired of your, well, tired fitness routine and want to take a spin at Spin Classes? Ottawa has a few great spin studios that focus on energy, lots of sweat, and just the right amount of privacy so you can get a hearty workout in in comfort.

Inner Soul Yoga and Cycle

Inner Soul Yoga and Cycle offers over 40 different classes throughout the week. (So no matter what you’re schedule is, they’ve got you covered). They offer brand new Schwinn AC Pro bikes and a great playlist.

They work with every level of experience, so if you’re ready to dabble into the world of spin, they are a great option.


The Spinco brand is incredibly popular in cities across Canada. You may have been to another city and seen one, or have a friend who has raved about it in theirs. Spinco offers super flexible memberships and in-the-dark spin classes for those that like the privacy. The one thing they guarantee is sweat. Their large studio is right downtown on Slater.

Barres + Wheels

This local brand has three locations across Ottawa, including one in Stittsville. They are a chain of Barre Fitness studios that offer spin classes (hence the wheels). Their spaces are bright and welcoming, and they offer both class and full membership packages.

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