These Are Ottawa’s Marriage and Relationship Counsellors Who Can Help Get You Back On Track

Marriages and relationships take work. Ottawa has many qualified professionals who specialize in providing couples with the tools and support they need to overcome the major hurdles they are facing in their relationships. Relationship counselling can help you to unpack your feelings and get to the route of the issue, so that you can make a decision to move forward as a couple or to go your separate ways. Here are some great resources for couples therapy in Ottawa.

Kanata Psychology and Counselling Centre

This team of family therapists in Ottawa’s west-end focus on marriage and relationship counselling. You’ll work with masters’ level counsellors who will help to improve communication, resolve conflicts and to strengthen your relationship.

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Hello everyone! While we are currently embracing social distancing, our therapists are continuing to provide virtual services. For the past seven weeks, we have been sharing profiles of some of our staff here at the @kanata_psychology in case anyone finds themselves in need of our services. This week we’d like to introduce our two newest associates, Alyssa Malizia and Donia Kemp. Alyssa is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) with experience working with adolescents, adults and couples, with a special interest in individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, personality disorders, self-harm and trauma, as well as couples experiencing relational, marital and/or sexual difficulties. She continues to spend time with the Kids Help Phone working with youth in distress and is also a member of the Optimal Sexual Experiences research team. Her practice is supervised by Dr. Rebecca Moore, Registered Psychologist Donia is a Counsellor and a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) whose practice includes supporting individuals experiencing: workplace stress, anxiety, depression, bullying, low self-esteem, life transitions, anger and complex trauma. She provides support to individuals (14+). Her practice is under the supervision of Dr. Rebecca Moore, Registered Psychologist To learn more about Alyssa and Donia, please visit their profile pages at Next week, be sure to check back as we’ll profile two more of our associates. Be safe everyone:)

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The Kanata Psychology and Counselling Centre is in Ottawa’s west end (Kanata) but services the entire city. Amid COVID19 restrictions, they are offering virtual appointments with their registered therapists.

Ottawa Couple + Family Institute

This group of 29 Ottawa-based clinicians specialize in couple and family interventions. This centre specializes in relationships and family dynamics, with over 30 years of experience helping people to work through their marital problems. Family counsellors take appointments on both days and evenings during the week.

The emotionally-focused techniques that the institute uses are designed to help you work through your marital problems in a way that is direct. Most couples usually only need about 10 – 20 sessions before they begin to improve their relationship.

The institute runs out of their office on Carling Avenue.

Capital Choice Counselling

Capital Choice Counselling are a group of over 40 qualified marriage counsellors whose offices are all across Ottawa, including Barrhaven and Nepean. Their easy-to-use website allows you to search through their roster of qualified and specialized counsellors, letting you pick the person that you feel is the best fit for you, whether by specialty or location.

Counsellors at Capital Choice Counselling offer both remote and in-person sessions.

Capital Choice counselling is one of Ottawa’s leading centres for marriage counselling. They have multiple offices in Ottawa and have been in business since 2003.

Marriage Counselling – What To Know

Marriage Counselling, also known as couple’s therapy, is a stream of psychological therapy where a couple will work with a registered psychotherapist to understand and overcome the negative obstacle in their relationship.

At the beginning, you may be asked a series of questions or be asked to fill out surveys and questionnaires. This is to help your counsellor gain a better understanding of your relationship and the issues surrounding it.

Couple’s therapy is a short term commitment to meet regularly with a therapist. Usually, both of the people in the couple will meet with the therapist, but you can also take sessions privately, too.

Marriage counsellors can help with issues surrounding infidelity, anger and abuse, problems with intimacy or sexual problems, couples dealing with disagreements surrounding parenting or blended families, or substance abuse. In some cases, therapy will help to diagnose other issues on an individual level (mental health, addiction, or past trauma) and individual treatment and therapy may be suggested outside of couple’s therapy.

Marriage counselling sessions are conversations between you and your partner, with your therapist prompting conversations and sometimes acting as a referee. You may get into arguments. You may not know what to say. All of these things are normal. The important thing is that you stay open to new ideas and honest about your feelings.

It’s normal for your therapist to give you work to do outside of your sessions. Making sure you actually do the work is extremely important for your success. Being able to discuss what happens as you apply the strategies that are developed in your sessions into the real world will be one of the best ways for you to actually begin to improve your relationship outside of therapy.

Finding A Therapist – Things To Consider

When choosing a therapist, here are some things to consider.

Location And Timing: Making counselling as easy of a commitment as possible can help it to be successful. Consider the location and schedule of your counsellor when looking for a good fit. Do they take appointments outside of your work schedule? Are they nearby, or will you have to face traffic to get to them?

Preference: Do you prefer a male or female counsellor?

Credentials And Experience: Always make sure you are meeting with a qualified counsellor. Someone who specializes in couples therapy will be better equipped to help you.

Coverage: Most family and marriage counsellors are covered by benefits/insurance, but it’s important to check beforehand if you will need an insurance receipt.

The most important thing to remember when beginning couple’s therapy is that there is no timeline or roadmap. Everyone’s experiences are different, and having a trained professional help you understand what is affecting your relationship can help you to decide what to do next.

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