Here Are Ottawa’s Top Canine Schools For Puppy Training, Behaviour and Obedience

Is your pup in need of some tough love? Over 4% of North American dogs are enrolled in training and behaviour classes. They can be incredibly helpful in improving your dogs behaviours and, ultimately your relationship with them. Ottawa has multiple schools specialize in dog and puppy training. Here are some of Ottawa’s best resources for Dog Training.

A dog practicing obedience in Ottawa

Best Friends Dog Training

Best Friends Dog Training is Ottawa’s top dog training facility. They offer a host of courses: puppy training, obedience training, anger and behaviour training, even strength and agility training (they help train dogs for search and rescue, and police work, too). They have a group of highly qualified dog trainers, who work with both dog and parent, and also one-on-one for behavioural counselling in Ottawa.

Ottawa K9 School

The Ottawa K9 School is a very social place for dogs to come and learn. Studies have shown that early and regular socialization with different dogs can help to develop a dog’s comfortability around other dogs and people. They offer puppy kindergarten, special events and playdates, and one-on-one training. And if you’re looking to meet other dog owners, they have a frequent client club for dog owners to meet and stay social with their pups.

A dog and his trainer in Ottawa.


Carolark is a canine learning centre in Ottawa’s west-end (Stittsville) that works with puppies and adult dogs alike. They offer courses in obedience, puppy training, sports classes, and even courses to work on your dog’s brain and body development. They are a group of highly trained and passionate professionals who love their work and love dogs of all kinds.

Training a puppy or dog can be an important part of your pups development, and can help him/her stay active and healthy. Socializing with other dogs, exercising and learning to be obedient are just some of the benefits of having a professional spend time with your dog. Dog trainers can also help to recognize behavioural deficits or anxieties that your dog has and work to overcome them, giving them the skills necessary to have a healthy and happy life.

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