3 Places That Repair Leather and Faux Leather Shoes In Ottawa

Tattered shoes are a dead giveaway in business. There’s nothing more distracting to the eye, or uncomfortable for the wearer than shoes that need to be fixed.

Leather scratches are a part of life, and although some good leather repair kits exist, the process can be long and complicated. It’s better to leave the work to people with real experience who work with leather shoes every day. Here are 3 companies in Ottawa that work with leather (and faux leather) shoes to repair, polish and renew your work or dress shoes.

What’s worse than tattered leather shoes at a wedding?


If you’re in need of a shoe fix, try Shoelution on Slater Street. They work with all kinds of leather products to fix, repair, resole and polish them. They even do leather dying.

Leather Shoe Repair In Ottawa

Joe’s Shoe Repair

Joe’s specializes in restoring shoes to their original condition, no matter how many years in the business they’ve seen. Joe’s is only 5 minutes out of downtown.

Leather Shoe Repair In Ottawa

Max’s Shoe Repair

Although Max’s Shoe Repair has all the equipment needed to repair shoes in the modern way, he was trained to do things by hand, and often uses that skill when working on fine leather shoes. He repairs all kinds of shoes, and can also do hand stitching, or whatever is needed to bring your beautiful shoes back to their glory.

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