The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts In Ottawa – Ideas & Packages

Looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas in Ottawa, Gatineau, and Kanata?

From restaurants, flowers, to spas and hotels, here’s a look at the packages and places that offer the most romantic packages for your loved one this Valentine’s day.

But before we dive into those, remember this:

In multiple surveys, people have chosen experiences over gifts as their preferred Valentine’s day gift.

Over half of all Valentine’s Day cards & gifts are bought in the six days leading up to Valentine’s Day. – (Don’t Let This Be You With The Gifts Below)

Now on to the best Valentine’s Day Packages In Ottawa

The Holtz Spa Romance Package

A classic Valentine’s Day gift is a spa package of some sort, a manicure, a massage, a day at the spa. But sending your SO to the spa on Valentine’s Day is no comparison to spending the day together at the spa. One is a gift, and another is an experience you can try together. Much better!

The Holtz Spa’s Romance Package is a top choice for this. The package contains a couples massage (a fireside couples massage, actually), reflexology added, followed by a couple’s pedicure and some time in the lounge.

The package runs for $499.

The Holtz Spa is Ottawa’s elegant and ultimate downtown escape, on Rideau Street.

Fairmont Chateau Laurier High Tea

If your SO loves the finer things, then afternoon tea at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier is an ideal experience to accompany any gifts you have.

Afternoon tea takes place in Zoe’s Lounge, a gorgeous and sunny spot, just off of the Fairmont’s lobby, that is just as elegant as it is romantic.

High tea includes (tea, you guessed it) with a course of finger sandwiches, fresh scones, and decadent sweets.

It’s one of the most elegant valentine’s day gifts Ottawa has in store for your unsuspecting Valentine.

Afternoon tea at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier costs around $52 per person ($62 on holidays and weekends). Seatings for high tea run from 1:00 PM till 3:00 PM, but extended hours run on holidays, so be sure to check their website.

Lastly (and most importantly), this great gift needs to be booked ahead! Especially around Valentine’s Day, High Tea will sell out quickly.

Breakable Heart & Custom Chocolate Boxes

If you’re going with the classic, romantic, and traditional flowers & chocolate, then make it a home run: make it a supremely romantic custom chocolate box from Fruit Couture.

Fruit Couture specializes in gorgeous chocolate-covered strawberries, boxed or in a floral tower display, like below.

Flowers and chocolate all in one? Amazing.

They also do the super trendy (if your SO loves the Kardashians, then this will be a major hit) smashable chocolate hearts, that even come with a little hammer! Mix & match with your strawberries & roses, and you’ve got a great spin on the classic that is way more thoughtful & unique.

With all three of these options, the key is to book way in advance! You don’t want to be caught at the mercy of last minute gifts.

Here’s some stats on the big day:

On average, men spend 3 times as much on valentine’s day as women.

There are over 8.2 million couples living together in Canada, according to StatsCan.

Over 16.5 million couples are living together in Canada, too.

But don’t worry, over 1.9 million Canadians are in a relationship, but don’t live with their significant other.

About 3 in 10 people in Canada aged 55-64 have had over two different relationships.

Almost half of all marriage proposals in a year will happen on Valentine’s Day.

Over 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent every year.

Necco, the company that produces those iconic conversation hearts, makes about 8 billion of those hearts annually.

Every year, Necco creates 10 new official candy heart sayings, including “Call Home” and “Yeah Right”.

Women purchase 85% of all Valentine’s Day cards.

Backed with the numbers, here’s some of the common mistakes people make on Valentine’s Day:

Waiting Until Nighttime To Acknowledge The Day

Even if you have an awesome plan or surprise waiting for your Valentine after they get off their late-shift, don’t wait until the evening to do something small. Surprise them in the morning, with breakfast, flowers, cards, or even just a call or sweet message. Whatever you do, don’t have your Valentine waiting to hear from you all day.

Spending Too Much, With No Sentiment

Valentine’s Day isn’t actually about the gifts, though. It’s about the time spent together, and the thought and consideration behind it all.

So avoid the mistake of focusing on those gifts a bit too much. If you spend too much, or focus on the material items, your Valentine won’t feel that there is thought and genuity behind it. So make sure have some sentimental follow through with any spend, big or small.

Ordering Online, Too Late

Valentine’s Day is a major holiday, so you should expect some slow downs with the mail. Don’t wait till the last minute to order your gifts, and if you do, opt for the bird in the hand, not in the bush!

Thinking You Can Only Drink Wine, Cause It’s Valentine’s Day

When you’re out for a romantic dinner, don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to have wine. Other romantic drinks, especially for those who aren’t fond of wine, include cocktails (those are super romantic), and champagne (okay, basically wine).

Staying In Your End Of Town

Not a mistake, but hear me out: if you’re in Canada’s Capital, why not enjoy the city like a tourist for Valentine’s Day? Enjoy the Byward Market (and make it a night by staying at one of the markets great hotels), take a spin down Preston Street for some Italian Food, or wander through Wellington West. There are so many areas in the city you can explore, with amazing restaurants and accommodations.

Here’s Other Things Ottawa Is Great For On Valentine’s Day

Skating On The Rideau Canal

Carriage Ride In The Byward Market

A Hockey Game In Kanata

Shopping At Tanger Outlets in Kanata

Nature Walks At One Of Ottawa’s Trails

Hiking In Gatineau Hills

Ottawa Flowers

Ottawa Rose Bouquets

Ottawa Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Valentines Gifts Ottawa

Valentines Day Packages Ottawa

Valentines Day Gifts Ottawa

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