Here’s Where To Find Rose Walls and Flower Walls In Ottawa

Renting a rose wall is a dream come true for a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower or birthday! Rose walls are super unique, and a great photo op for all of your guests.

Rose walls and flower walls can be ordered custom for your big day.

Only a handful of florists and event companies specialize in rose walls and flower walls.

Here are three companies in Ottawa who can deliver rose walls and floral walls to your next event.

Plenty of Pretty

Plenty of Pretty specializes in faux floral displays and wedding decor rentals.

Owner Sandra works with weddings and events regularly to bring amazing floral displays to life. And, she works with faux florals to do this, meaning your display with be only fraction of the cost of real flowers (which can be super expensive).

Faux florals aren’t the plastic kind that you see in retail outlets or decor aisles, Plenty of Pretty uses only high quality silk flowers and greenery to make incredibly realistic designs. With faux floral, your cost is cut significantly, so you don’t have to cut corners to create something spectacular.

Sandra is also an expert in rose wall and floral wall trends, so even if you bring her just a simple photo or design, she can create the rose wall of your dreams (and your colour scheme).

Pearl Decor

Looking for the super classic, Kim Kardashian-style rose wall of your dreams? Pearl Decor is a great choice. These walls can be customized by colour and by size.

Check out this wonderful Rose Wall done for St. Pius Grad’s 2017 ceremony. What a great photo op for grads.

Rose Wall Ottawa

Sage Florals & Designs

Sage Florals & Design has been in the event business for over 10 years. They work with a ton of weddings to design the entire event, florals included. Their instagram page is full of gorgeous designs.

Sage also does designs for corporate events, birthdays and other events and parties.

Rose Walls Costs & Rental Info

How much should you expect to pay to rent a rose wall in Ottawa? It depends on a few things:

  • How big and extravagant you want it to be.
  • If you want the wall to be made of real flowers, or if you’ll work with high quality, silk, faux flowers.
  • If you want to rent an existing wall, or have your own custom wall created and designed.
  • How far your delivery location is.

To rent a standard 8’x8′ faux wall, it’ll typically cost about $250- $500, depending on the customizations and delivery specs.

Custom rose walls (real flowers) can cost over $2,000, because you’re paying for the design, setup, and each rose (and you need about 1820 roses for an 8’x5′ wall!).

Things To Decide

Before ordering your wall, here’s some things you should know:

  • The Size Of The Wall You Want. Typical sizes are 8’x8′ or 5’x8′, but rose walls and floral walls can be created to any specifications.
  • Floral Wall Colour And Theme. Designers can help you to create amazing pieces to match any theme.
  • Photos Help. There are a plethora of photos on the internet to get inspiration from for your rose wall (if custom), and this can help designers to understand what you’re looking for and exceed your expectations. If you can have photos of walls you like when ordering, this will make the process that much easier (and the wall that much better).

Here’s some more rose wall inspiration:

Oversized Rose Wall

Check out the oversized roses on this custom flower wall placed perfectly on the beach. It’s dramatic, glam, elegant, and boho all at once.

Lettered Rose Wall

This mini rose wall with letters is so perfect for a baby shower or birthday. The letters pop out beautifully and create a contrasting glam effect.

Pastel Rose Wall

The pastel colour scheme here is to die for. The white, soft white, pink, and grey pops so well.

These large roses are made with paper!

Doorway Rose Wall

Pink roses surrounding a door? Enchanting. Love the symbolism behind this, too. And pink is a great choice for floral walls!

Rose Lettering

Backlit, larger-than-life lettering is a great place for roses. It’s also a great option if your budget doesn’t work for a full-scale wall. The lettering can be initials, full names, or numbers.

White on White Flower Wall

The rose wall hiding behind a sea of other white flowers is so dimensional, it is an all-encompassing scene that is dreamy for a wedding. The uplighting adds to the dream-like aesthetic of this scene.

Multi Colour Rose Wall

Vibrant and lively, this multi coloured rose wall screams celebration. I love the gorgeous yellows, deep magentas, and touches of green and purple in this wall.

Baby Shower Rose Wall

White plays amazingly off blue and pink! A rose wall is an elegant addition to any baby shower, and looks perfect behind a dessert table.

Red Rose Wall And Throne

Deep red, traditional roses? Yes please! Dark and romantic, a red rose wall is so dreamy. Add a throne-like chair for an even more glad effect. Wow!

Pink Rose Wall

Deep pink roses look incredible on this wall. Perfect for any diva.

Flower Wall Circle

A circle-shaped rose wall is a stand-out and unique design perfect for photo ops (far away, that is). I love the colour scheme and addition of other flowers/vines to complete this boho look.

Dusty White, Pink and Green Rose Wall

This colour scheme and intricate greenery is dreamy! The mirror in the middle adds to the sophistication of this wall.

Rose Ceiling

Wow! A rose ceiling is a next level rose wall dream-come-true. Larger than life mirrors add to the glam. This rose wall-turned ceiling is absolutely incredible.

Neon Lights & Roses Wall

The loose red and pink flowers on a backdrop of greenery, surrounding glowing neon lights is simply stunning. What a great creation for a celebration!

Rose Walls & Flower Wall Rental Ottawa

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