3 Places To Learn Fashion Design and Sewing in Ottawa

Are you the creative type who always has ideas for new styles and trends? Now, all you need to do is learn how to turn your ideas into actual garments. Here are three places that offer courses and classes in fashion design, garment creation and sewing.

Richard Robinson

Ottawa is very lucky to have its own fashion and design school. Richard Robinson is an academy for those looking to commit to at least two years of school. At the end, you’ll have all the knowledge and skills to dream, create and grow your own fashion line, including haute couture.

Richard Robinson also holds smaller, weekend and weeknight classes on business, design, and sewing for every level of experience. They also offer children’s workshops.

Eco Equitable

Eco Equitable specializes in sewing, pattern making and tailoring classes for every level of experience. They even have classes for children and specifically for men. Their instructors have decades of experience in Ottawa.

Ottawa Sewing Centre

The Ottawa Sewing Centre also offers flexible classes for sewing. They do group sessions with anywhere from 4-6 people, or they offer one on one classes, too.

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