3 Bakeries That Do Gender Reveal Cakes In Cornwall, SD&G

You’ve finally arrived at the 20-week mark, and you’re ready to start the next chapter of your pregnancy and find out the gender of your baby! Whether you want to celebrate this moment with family and friends or more privately, a gender reveal cake is the perfect way to reveal the surprise, or, to celebrate with. Here are 3 bakeries in Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry that do amazing custom gender reveal cakes!

Fairy Sweet

Fairy Sweet are a team of Master Cake Designers & Chocolatiers that have been creating amazing custom baked goods since 2013. They specialize in fine chocolates, custom cakes and pastries. They are known around the world for holding the record for the world’s largest ferrero rocher, weighing 25 lbs, and the world’s largest man made Cadbury Cream egg weighing in at 12 lbs! They’ve also placed in the top 3 in a 2018 World Wide Caking competition. This team is perfect fit for anyone looking for something fancy, elegant, custom and delicious for their gender reveal cake!

Ingleside Bakery and Gourmet Foods

Are you looking for a bakery closer to Long Sault, Ingleside or Morrisburg? Ingleside has been blessed with a brand new gourmet bakery that does amazing custom and quality cakes and a ton of baked goods. The team at Ingleside Bakery and Gourmet Foods can do everything from multi-tiered, fondant cakes to custom cupcakes and cake pops for your gender reveal.

Cakes & More Cornwall

Cakes & More is a bakery in the Eastcourt Mall that does custom cupcakes and cakes. Their team of cake decorators are happy to help bring your gender reveal cake ideas to life!! They also do custom cupcakes.

What To Know

Custom Cake Costs

How much should you expect to pay for a gender reveal cake in Cornwall and SD&G? It depends on how big and elaborate you want it to be. You should expect to pay anywhere from $30 (for a one-layer, one colour cake with regular icing) to $150 (for a multi-tier, elaborate cake with fondant and details).

Things To Decide

Before ordering your cake, here’s some things you should know:

  • How many people you’re looking to serve. This will determine the size of the cake.
  • The Shape Of The Cake You Want. Typically, bakeries offer square or round tiers, but can create custom shapes upon request.
  • Any allergies or dietary requirements from your guest list.
  • Cake flavour and colour. The bakery will have a list of flavours for inside the cake, though it will be limited due to the need to colour the cake for the baby’s gender.
  • Icing Flavour. Do you know if you want a fondant icing or regular icing on the outside? While fondant is what gives designer cakes their clean cut look and intricate designs, the consistency and flavour can sometimes be not sweet enough for kids to really enjoy.
  • Photos Help. There are a plethora of photos on the internet to get inspiration from for your gender reveal cake, and this can help bakeries to understand what you’re looking for and exceed your expectations. If you can have photos of cakes you like when ordering, this will make the process that much easier (and the cake that much better).

Here are some gender reveal cake ideas and inspirations:

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Gender Reveal Torte

A post shared by My Cake Art (@mycakeart.de) on

This pastel blue and pink cake is so clean and cute, it’s a great option for your gender reveal party.

Looking for something more elegant and decoration? The use of a more turquoise shade of blue adds so much sophistication to this cake. Not to mention the dripped pink icing on top, which brings this gender reveal cake to the next level.

Flags and confetti make this cake look super fun! But what’s really unique is the use of baby footprints on this cake, it adds a special element for any expecting parents.

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The dramatic split of pink and blue is bold and fun, and the chocolate covered strawberries on and around this cake make it one of our favourite gender reveal cake concepts! This way, if dad doesn’t get the little hockey player he wanted, he can still grab a blue strawberry as a consolation prize.

Another fun drip cake, this inspo photo shows how fun cake toppers can be, like this oversized Oh Baby Cake Topper.

How about a white gender reveal cake? The white and gold on this cake is so elegant and classy. And, it really leaves the colour and fun to the big reveal!

Other options

Cupcakes and cake pops may be a good add-on for a party with various food sensitivities. Cake pops can make for some extremely fun creations, like this gender reveal cake pops!

Custom cupcakes are a great option, too. They can build on whatever theme you’re going for and give guests a fun choice to make.

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