3 Bakeries That Do Custom Cakes In Brockville, 1000 Islands

Birthday Cakes, Wedding Cakes, or Anniversary Cakes..whatever the occasion, a custom cake brings your celebration to the next level and makes it truly special and memorable.

Here are three bakeries in Brockville, Leeds and The Thousand Islands that do custom cakes for any occasion.

Saima’s Cake Parlour

Saima’s Cake Parlour is one of Brockville’s best cake designers. She specializes in elegant, multi-tiered cakes. She can also do sugar free and egg free cakes for your celebration. She has an impressive gallery of pinterest-worthy custom cake creations on her website, found here.

Tait’s Fresh Start

Tait’s is a well-known bakery located in the heart of downtown Brockville. They are famous for their pies, breads, and baked goods. Tait’s is a family-fun business that has been baking for the 1000 Islands area for over 100 years and across many generations. They create decadent speciality cakes in a variety of sizes and flavours, including carrot, tootie footie, angel food cake and more! They are a great option for anyone in Brockville looking for a custom cake.

Panache Bakery

If you’re closer to the Ganonoque area, Panache Bakery is a fun and modern bakery that does amazing custom cakes. They can work with both fondent and regular icing, helping to create that elegant and decadent cake of your dreams. The bakery does custom cupcakes, too, and can accommodate your needs and requests for the perfect custom cake.

Custom Cake Costs

How much should you expect to pay for custom cakes in Brockville, Leeds and the Thousand Islands? It depends on how big and elaborate you want it to be. You should expect to pay anywhere from $25 (for a one-layer, one colour cake with regular icing) to $150 (for a multi-tier, elaborate cake with fondant and details).

Things To Decide

Before ordering your cake, here’s some things you should know:

  • How many people you’re looking to serve. This will determine the size of the cake.
  • The Shape Of The Cake You Want. Typically, bakeries offer square or round tiers, but can create custom shapes upon request.
  • Any allergies or dietary requirements from your guest list.
  • Cake flavour and colour. The bakery will have a list of flavours for inside the cake, and cake also dye the inside to fit any theme, including a rainbow cake.
  • Icing Flavour. Do you know if you want a fondant icing or regular icing on the outside? While fondant is what gives designer cakes their clean cut look and intricate designs, the consistency and flavour can sometimes be not sweet enough for kids to really enjoy.
  • Photos Help. There are a plethora of photos on the internet to get inspiration from for your custom cake, and this can help bakeries to understand what you’re looking for and exceed your expectations. If you can have photos of cakes you like when ordering, this will make the process that much easier (and the cake that much better).

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