Where To Find Wedding Cakes In Brockville, Leeds & 1000 Islands

Looking to find the perfect wedding cake in Brockville for your big day? Brockville has tons of amazing bakeries and custom cake artists, and only a handful of those really specialize in wedding cakes.

The right decorator can bring your wedding vision to life, and add to your wedding’s aesthetic with a show-stopping display. A wedding cake doesn’t have to be extravagant (or costly) to make jaws drop, it just has to come together perfectly.

Here’s a list of the bakeries that do just that – they create the best custom wedding cakes in Brockville, Leeds, and the thousand islands region.

Here’s where to get a wedding cake in Brockville.

Country Cakes

Country Cakes is a Brockville- based cake decorator who specializes in custom cakes for birthdays and weddings cakes. She does gorgeous work with flowers, colours, and textures to create stunning single tier and multi- tier wedding cakes.

Her facebook page has tons of examples of her great work.

Saima’s Cake Parlour

Saima’s Cake Parlour is a local cake decorator who specializes in the long tiered cakes seen on many pinterest pages. She uses special techniques to achieve the perfect details, like palette knife painting.

Saima works with colour and textures intricately. Have you ever seen a black & gold wedding cake look this good?

Saima’s Cake Parlour also can create decorated cookies to accompany any wedding cakes.

Her final products are amazing displays that instantly upgrade any wedding.


An industry expert, ThimbleCakes specializes in gorgeous, understated, elegant tiered wedding cakes in Ottawa and surrounding areas (and, they deliver to Brockville).

If you’re looking for a show-stopping piece for your big day, ThimbleCakes is a perfect choice. Not only do they do delivery and set-up, they can provide large pedestals and tiers as needed for that incredible cake display of your dreams.

ThimbleCakes doesn’t do in house consultations. Instead, they send you a box of mini cupcakes of all different flavours to let you sample and discuss as you choose. What a great way to turn an evening in into a cake-planning party with your hubby-to-be or bridesmaids.

ThimbleCakes offers an incredible selection of flavours, which can be mixed & matched from layer to layer.

Cake flavour choices are vanilla bean, rich chocolate, marbled vanilla and chocolate, chocolate chip or lemon. Filling choices are housemade fudge, housemade lemon curd, raspberry puree, cookie dough or simply vanilla bean frosting.

More info and photos of their creations can be found on their website.

Wedding Cakes Brockville

Wedding Cake Costs

How much should you expect to pay for a custom wedding cake in Brockville? It depends on how big and elaborate you want it to be. You should expect to pay anywhere from $120 (for a one-layer, one colour cake with regular icing) to $400 (for a multi-tier, elaborate cake with fondant and details). Extravagant multi-tiered cakes can cost up to $1,000!

Things To Decide

Before ordering your cake, here’s some things you should know:

  • How many people you’re looking to serve. This will determine the size of the cake.
  • The Shape Of The Cake You Want. Typically, bakeries offer square or round tiers, and wedding cakes are usually round. You can create custom shapes upon request.
  • Any allergies or dietary requirements from your guest list.
  • Cake flavour and colour. The bakery will have a list of flavours for inside the cake, for the cake filling, and the cake icing. They can do most colours, but many custom cake designers don’t work with dark colours or jewel tones, so check with your designer beforehand if you’re looking for a unique colour.
  • Icing Flavour. Do you know if you want a fondant icing or regular icing on the outside? Some wedding cake designers in Brockville don’t work with fondant. Before selecting your decorator, make sure to decide if you’d like a cake with fondant or icing.
  • Photos Help. There are a plethora of photos on the internet to get inspiration from for your custom wedding cake, and this can help bakeries to understand what you’re looking for and exceed your expectations. If you can have photos of cakes you like when ordering, this will make the process that much easier (and the cake that much better).

Here’s some more wedding cake inspiration:

Semi Naked Wedding Cakes

The semi naked tiered cake is a huge trend right now, and we love the dusted look of it. Add some flowers, and you’ve got a gorgeous design. We love the way Mia Cake separated the tiers in this cake with an encased rose. It’s the epitome of romantic.

Exposed Layer Cakes

A step further for naked cakes, this blonde daisy & blueberry layer cake has us drooling. The deep blue accents from the berries play perfectly well with the crisp what and faded blonde of the layer cake, creating a fresh and earthy appeal.

Black & Gold Rose Cake

Who said wedding cakes have to be white? This black & gold layer cake, topped with a deep, ruby red rose is glamorous and sensual, the perfect vibe for anyone’s big day.

Moon Phase Cake

For the boho bride, our jaws hit the floor when we saw this dusty pink tiered cake adorned with the phases of the moon. (Scroll through to see this masterpiece)

All-White Wedding Cake

Enough about colours and back onto wedding-day white: this all-white wedding cake is for the traditionalist. The clean and stunning white tier cake has an ethereal glow when paired with all white roses.

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